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Agility again and again is referred to as a Change Management Program. Thereby, Agility is something very natural though, which stuck inside of us human beings since ever:

Humankind was born into this world as an agile creature. This creature feels out, beholds and discovers all the new things around. It gathers experiences, interprets those and learns through that process: Positive = Good = Continue Doing; Negative = Bad = Stop Doing or Do Differently.

At one point in time this creature is forced onto a long journey which is called time of school and education. On this journey a lot of time and money is going to be spent in order to train the originally agile creature on things which value and benefit at least partly is questionable. In any case, during this period all the originally existing capabilities such as courage, self-responsibility, creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, autonomy, ability to reflect , etc., are being tried to defeated in order to make the creature fitting into the system.

Once this journey is finished, the next one follows. For most people this one consists of work or better, it is the part of life in which lifetime is being exchanged with money and obedience. During that time the System is taking its return on investment! In todays working world, this is another period of huge investment in time and money to train that originally agile but in the meantime 'fitting the system' creature on capabilities, which it originally already mastered perfectly. In particular, to courageously, autonomously, creatively, curiously, openly and reflectively discover the world and doing things which finally lead to good results.

For-why a Change Management Programm when it is possible to naturally get there? From my perspective the vital point here is Leadership or better said: Bad Leadership!

Why? If Leaders, and I refer to the ones at the very top of the hierarchy of every organization or system, would not exclude themselves from the recollection of the originally and intrinsically available capabilities and would instead become an example and contributor, no organization or system on this planet would need a Change Management Program.

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